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Real trance

This is what real trance is supposed to sound like ;)...good job man

Pulstate responds:

Real trance is coming back.


Love that kick!

Very cool hithat combinations here make for an interesting bass sound! Wow your very good lol very nice work...your music kinda remind me of my music :P hehe
very cool melody and climax is very good!
keep up the excellent work!
like i mentioned before, a collab would be insane!
let me know!



Very very very cool samples vocal samples and crowd samples! Loveeeee the kick and bass! Definetly a hi "ENERGIE" track (Pun intended :P heh)....OH WAIT IT THIS A KICK ASS MELODY I HEAR?! lol Oh yes it it!!!!! Very very very nice reminds me of Tune up!
Excellent job! Score 5, donwload and my email :P lol
Would love to do a collab if possible!
Keep it up! very nice!


Nice job! :D

Hey man! Really ncie song here i LOVE all the fxs! EXCELLENT WORK! This sounds like soemthing Armin Van Burren would make :) At the moment it my favorite song out of your collection on NG. Excellent percussions and kick is also very clean and solid. Nice wind sounds you have and love all the fading with the saws and the main melody. Main melo just blew me away....im actually speachles now....cause the climax has arrived....shit man...lol
Wow....Excellent work man....Love it all! :D


Ill ttyl man!

your friend .:EN3RGIE:.

MattBlair responds:

Hey man, i appreciate the review.


Good Job!

D N B!!!!!!!! And the title suites this song so perfectly! LOL Out of control is right! (in a good way ofcourse!) Great Beat, excellent bass line, love that little synth that come sin during the break. Great ambience and very nice percussion to accompany that small lighter beat. Love the bells and the jingles lol they make the track a whole lot more interesting :)

Great scratches i hear in there and love that little vocal addition. Great work man, your very good at creating this style!

i should try this one day lol looks interesting!

Anyway, ill ttyl man!

again great song!



Viewtiful-Masta responds:

YEAHOO another V review from the ENERGIE! Oh man...now how do i start this from the beginning...Well thank for the VIEWITUFL ASS review man! I chose "Out of Control" for the title because i didn't know what else to think of thats why! So i just gave it that! yep it did have a little vocalization in the background but just the "Oh yea" and then i added tails little voice saying "GO, GO GET" and you RLY need to try DnB man I would love to heard some from you man!

Well dude V mon!

Keep it V mon!



Nice trance song. Love the intro and the way the synths blend toghether. Very nicely structured and the kick is decent. I like the fxs you chose they suite the song well. Great choice of percussion. Nice work, keep it up.



Sounds like a video game :)

Hey man, this song sounds like it should be in a video game :D. That melody is really cool lol and i love the piano that comes in aswell. Nice flutes and small bell sounds. Everything blends toghether nicely and theres alot of flavour in the song. Keep it up man! Nice of you to make this for your gf lol.

Ttyl bye!

zeeber85 responds:

thanks for the review! The melodies and entrie song basically came from my heart :) so i guess emotion can be a powerful tool. hehe. I hope she likes it!

Nice work :)

I love when styles are blended :D i find they make even better songs. AMbient and trance are a great combo, and you can hear it in this song. Love the jungle like beats and the melody is nice aswell. Keep it up man, im sure you can do even better than this great song :D.

ttyl man!



zeeber85 responds:

awsome! i review by EN3RGIE <3

thanks for the review! indeed i am improving


Wow man! This almost sounds liek the original. Piano keys are perfect and those violins too! Beat is nice and clear and powerful....But shit man...the only problem is that i wanted to make a trance remix of this but i hear twords the end of the song that you've already accomplished that lol. Anyway man, excellent work! Keep it up!



PERVOK responds:

Sucker, i beat you to it :P

Thanks again for the review!

FInally i review one of your songs!

Hey Viewtiful-Masta! Sorry for never being able to review your song! Im glad i took a listen to this one. I can see why it got so many downloads. I really like the intro man! Love that panning effect on that crazy acid synth. Drum N Bass Kicks ass! I should try making it some time. :) I love the way your track goes from very energetic to chill and then kicks back up again! Very nice work with the structuring! The song is short but very nicely done. I see no distortion problems and i can see you have good production skills.

Keep it up man and dont stop making music!

Once again sry for this EXTREAMLY late review!

I'll ttyl man!


-your friend EN3RGIE [aka DJ SPADA] :D

Viewtiful-Masta responds:

Now that I finished my homework...EN3GIE! YEAHOO! Finally man you decided to review my song man! God dag man! I asked you last year and you totally FORGOT!...Well thats what you say but, HEY Thanks ALOT for the VIEWTIFUL review man! The SPADA reviewed YAY! EN3RGIE aka [SPADA]. (sigh) I rly didn't think that you weren't gonna review either man! I was thinking that you were to good to review my songs but, your made a day man! It REALLY made me happy man! =P

Dude your FREAKIN V MAN! XP Your F***ing VIEWTIFUL!

Well man! Remember this motto: Keep it V man!


hellooooooooo people!! ENJOY MY MUSIC... and umm... ya thats it... lol.

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